Monday, December 28, 2009

A new blog.

Yup... im going to launch another blog.. it needs time for me to prepare it. but this blog is different from this shishistory as this is my personal blog, that blog will be a sabbath blog ... if you dont realise what that means, a saturday blogging time specially for that blog. I hope i can improve my blogging skill to a better level. for now, and then.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Life is an endless point.

Undeniable, life is an endless range of points. There are many points just like bus stop where bus stopped at each point. At each different level of life stage , we do stop for a moment to think. To think silently in heart, the past, and what will be there in future for us. The only stage which do not need us to think is during growing up stage from toddler to adolescene.

I heard this story... whose the character is my student's mother, an excellent bakery (self-learnt one) ... today she told me she once studied lcci b4 -an accountancy course- later on she quited, she didnt finish it because of no money to support her study. Then she sells chicken rice for living. A total turning point of her, if she were to continue her study,would she met her husband now? Well, what is certain is selling chicken rice can earn more than working for other people. She can earn up till rm 6000 a month durin 1988.. which quite a lot of money.
What i was thinking is.. if i were to attend the interview for jpa. where i will be now? a point of regret has just jotted down. Where ever will be will be, and i believe is fate of life, we should live for the moment right now, and let the rest handled by the uncontrollable universe.
We are designated to become this and that. ~~ can one sacrifice for family?

the Treasure hunter conference in pavilion.

jay chou and lin chi-ling visit malaysia at 21/12/2009 for promoting their movie. nice but i cant go.. anyway... the movie will be released at 24.. should i book? hmmm.. xD is xmas eve.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Qing Tian

gu shi de xiao huang hua
The small yellow flower from the story

cong chu sheng na nian jiu piao zhe
Was wandering since he day she was born

tong nian de dang qiu qian
Swinging on a swing in her childhood

sui ji yi yi zhi huang dao xian zai
Swinging her memories all the way until now.

re sou sou xi dou xi la
sou la xi xi xi xi la xi la

sou chui zhe qian zou wang zhe tian kong
Playing an opening theme, looking into the sky

wo xiang qi hua ban shi zhe diao luo
I think of petals trying to fall

wei ni tiao ke de na yi tian
That day I skipped school for you;

hua luo de na yi tian
That day the flower fell

jiao shi de na yi jian
The space of the classroom;

wo zen me kan bu jian
Why can’t I see it?

xiao shi de xia yu tian
That rainy day that disappeared -

wo hao xiang zai lin yi bian
How I want to be rained upon again

mei xiang dao shi qu de yong qi wo hai liu zhe
Never thought that I still kept my lost courage

hao xiang zai wen yi bian
How I want to ask again:

ni hui deng dai hai shi li kai
Will you wait or will you go away?

gua feng zhe tian wo shi guo wo zhe ni shou That day that the wind blew I tried to hold your hand

dan pian pian yu jian jian
But unfortunetly, the rain kept on
da dao wo kan ni bu jian
Falling until I couldn’t see you

hai yao duo jiu wo cai neng zai ni shen bian How much longer until I can be beside you again?

deng dai fang qing de na tian ye xu wo hui bi jiao hao yi dian
Waiting for the day to turn clear, maybe I’ll be a little better then

cong qian cong qian you ge ren ai ni hen jiu
Long ago, a person loved you for so long dan pian pian feng jian jian
But unfortunetly, the wind kept on
ba ju li chui de hao yuan
Blowing, widening the gap so much further

hao bu rong yi you neng zai duo ai yi tian
So difficult, (I have) another day to love again

dan gu shi de zui hou ni hao xiang shuo le bai bai
But it seems that, at the end of the tale you still said, “Goodbye”

Sunday, December 6, 2009

True sympz...

I always feel guilty in whatever i have done, irrespective right or wrong.
Sympthom of depression.

Friday, December 4, 2009

McD-Drive Thru Geng!

While other ppl went to mcd ,enjoy, and sitting hours just to refil drinks. i do the other way round... Sometimes i wonder if i drive-thru and order and gone, can i come back refilling drinks? this is what happened one night me and my friends did. We ordered a fillet-o-fish burger ala-carte and one milo besar each. and there are three of us. It costs us 33 bucks. in rm of course. we regretted and should order set instead, roughly cost the same. so we decided to go back after we finish the meals and milo, since we stopped nearby eating in the car. this is what so-called stupidest stuff we ever did, drive-thru and refil the drink! but anyway we got a good and happiest laugh ever after been so long. this is the video i purposely recorded. enjoy XD

anyway.. combination of fillet-o-fish and milo taste absolute delicious especially after badminton XD

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a daily?

go to sunway college everyday with kang wei.
have lunch with joyce everyday at 12.
in library til 8.45 to be precise at night.
then down to foyer..
gym-ing with ivan at night? will be in future.
counting down every single day til exam. dec 10.
hoping for miracles to happen everyday.
wishing her to see it before i gone crazy.
looking at the mirror and tell myself i look better every single day.
thinking of you every day.
wanting to wish you good night every single night.
cruise home hoping accident happens that summon me the courage to say how i feel to you.
sleep and sleep and sleep.